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Against Conventional Wisdom: Consultations During a Pending Recession


Business is business and that's all there is to it.

Or so it used to be. We here at L&B Strat have been formulating our entrance into the lucid consultation frame for over a year. We have identified our targets, evaluated the market and developed our partnership model. We identified the opportunity to enter the market and set our goals. Then, COVID-19 hits and shakes the economy into the largest retraction experienced, perhaps EVER!

Conventional wisdom suggests that we should wait, and watch. Evaluate the market for signs that the curve has flattened and started to rescind, and then enter.

However, we've been paying attention to the Rich Dad Radio Show with Robert Kiyosaki ( and agree, if we follow conventional wisdom we will enter the market with the same business mentality. Business as usual.

Is that the best way to compete? To follow the herd?


Our business model focuses on the execution of your strategic plan, which requires a full-level partnership. There is no shortcut to managed change, or to developing a true context plan, we understand this concept. Conventional frameworks develop a cookie-cutter strategic plan, and force your firm to enter their mold. They are able to quickly reply with a doctored plan, which is great, but have you ever stopped and asked how many of your competitors have received the same plan? How are you to differentiate if you are falling into repetition?

Strategic planning, vision statements, mission statements, balance sheet evals, should take time to complete, because they are a simple disparate element of a greater aggregate concept.

Your elements of business are unique. Your solutions should be just as unique!

We choose to enter now, rather than hiding from the opportunities that we can assist our future partners with.

Risk aversion has its place, but not while the economy requires assistance to succeed!

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