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What is Business Consulting, Exactly? And Why Should you Choose A Partner?

The Business world is complex and difficult to navigate, effectively. There are countless external factors that can sneak into your best formulated plans and destroy your continuity. Attempting to identify external threats is extremely challenging – and many firms struggle to comprehensively succeed in developing management and aversion strategies. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of the capabilities of external environment triggers setting industry on a spiraling path toward solvency. Many firms, privately and publicly held alike, are currently at risk.

Business consultation professionals provide tools to assess your operating environment, in an effort to enable holistic responses and decisions to counter external triggers. BC’s can offer very specific skill-sets or aptitudes, such as financial asset management, ratio analyses, strategic implementation, or change management. Should your firm be able to identify the current threat that is trending toward flat-lining your company, you would be able to source an industry professional that can directly affect change, or revitalizing principles.

However, many firms have complex challenges that require immediate resolution to prevent a tremendous cascading effect from impacting your bottom-line. Often times, there are severe underlying and often cultural conditions that are causing the erosion in your margins and specialist-BC’s aren’t suited to combat them.

This is why there is market share available for a hybrid-method consultant. L&B Strat reverses conventional wisdom and challenges status-quo. We focus on an in-context method of strategy that focuses on root-cause and its ancillary affects, rather than the perceived issue singularly. Specialist-BCs will often provide serial product resolution, which means they are fitting your business into their mold - you’ll receive speedy responses on very formalized platforms; closer evaluation of the solution would show that they, generally, missed the need for an aggregate customized response.

Your business is unique and deserves an in-context, unique, solution. The business world is complex, why should your firm fit the mold that specialist-BCs offer to your competition?

“Studies suggest only 13% of companies effectively execute on their strategies, there is clearly a disconnect between the plan outline by leadership and the on-the-ground strategy execution by employees on the front-line”

- Achieveit staff

L&B Strat’s methods are taken steps further with our Partnership framework. Your firms capacity to execute your Operational objectives directly competes with your ability to execute your Strategic objectives. We identify the root-cause for your firms challenges and provide implementation and execution solutions. During your subsequent launch of the new program or resolution, L&B Strat maintains an active relationship to measure, asses, restructure (if necessary), and re-launch. Through our Partnership commitment, we drastically improve your ability to execute your strategic objectives and allow you to re-focus on your operational objectives - mitigating scope and scale conflicts!

Rather than choosing a professional to agree with you, that your firm has challenges, Choose to Partner with L&B Strat - Your Long-Term Partner for the future and find LONG-TERM solutions for higher margins and sustainability!

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